❝I’ve always expressed myself best through the written word, and I am vociferously opinionated. Yet, I never thought I would be a writer. I spent almost a decade trying to find my calling in a number of pursuits — advocacy, education, research… I even started an e-commerce venture. Just over a year ago, I co-founded an online newspaper called The Citizen, which was a passion project born out of a vehement opposition to the corporatisation of the media. The 2014 General Elections were around the corner, and the media — based on the diktats of its corporate-political puppet masters — had already decided who was going to win. I gave up a secure job and a confirmed spot at the University of Cambridge, and poured all my frustration, anger, hope and ardour into The Citizen. Of all the things I have tried my hand at, The Citizen was the only one that did not fit into any larger plan. There was no business model, no money and absolutely no clue where this would lead to in the coming years. Ironically, The Citizen is the only one that leaves me entirely fulfilled and unequivocally happy. Perhaps because of the very reason that its inception doesn’t lie in any constructed idea of what I should want, but in ideals that are the basis of who I am: optimism, independence and courage.

Gayeti Singh, Journalist